Making the Most of Your Peak-Season Move

moving in the summer

Summer is the best, right? You have sunshine, great weather, options for a beach and pool, and it’s the time for vacation and spending at least a week away from work and breathing a bit of fresh air. It is also the peak season for moving house and you will be surprised how many man with van services are active right at this very moment. If you were planning your relocation to be during summer, then you need to make some preparations and take some very smart decisions, otherwise you will either be left behind and you’ll have to move in the autumn, or you will have to move with a subpar removal company. To avoid both of these, here is what to do.

 #1 – Make the Moving Checklist Early

Know what you want and then pen it down. And then schedule it. And that is the gist of your moving checklist. All that is required of you now is to pick a moving date around which to focus it. You have to be smart with the moving day, so do choose carefully. You want a day where you will be able to go on leave and a day that will be convenient for all family members. If you have a family, discussing moving day with everybody is mandatory.

moving checklist

 #2 – Move Mid-Week

Many people prefer to move on a Friday or Saturday and use the remaining weekend to unpack and organise the new place. But imagine that in the middle of summer. Everybody is hot, tired, and sweaty, and you have just undergone a long and tiring removal. And after the man and van drops you off, you have to work some more to prepare the new place for living. And then... Monday comes and you get to go to work again! No, scratch that. Get a mid-week leave, move house and use the weekend to rest from the endeavour.

choose a moving day

 #3 – Pick Your Movers Carefully

It’s not just the moving families that are active – so are the moving companies: good, bad, and fake ones. It’s important that you do your homework and research the removal companies in your region to see who offers the proper deals. Note that ‘proper’ does not mean ‘best’. The ‘best’ deals are those that seek your money, one way or another. Make sure whoever you offer is reliable, has no hidden fees and agendas, and has actually moved people you know. Sometimes the best man with a van is the one that will move you safely and not the one who might move everything at the lowest cost.

house movers

 #4 – Plan for Contingencies.

Your moving company is not available? You are not ready for moving day? The new house is not yet set? There will be horrible weather right on moving day? Ask yourself all the pessimistic questions you can come up with and find an answer. This will be your preparation for the worst case scenarios on any field. Just because it’s summer it doesn’t mean that things cannot go wrong. If you plan your solutions ahead, you will be ready to meet many troubles head-on.

planning home removals

Ultimately, a little preparation will solve a lot of your problems when moving home in peak season. Summer has many amenities, but it has a close number of problems that may arise. If you are smart and plan for them all, there will be nothing to hold you back for the move. Organise the entire relocation as best you can, then sit down and work out solutions to potential problems. After that you can call the man with a van company and set a moving day. Your move is on!