Why Should You Move to Bermondsey?

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When looking at the map of London and wondering where to direct the moving company to, you will face a few options. One of those options could easily be Bermondsey. And why should you be moving house to Bermondsey? Since you probably will not accept ‘why not’ as a very elaborate answer, there are plenty of reasons to do so. The area is among the better ones in the British capital, a place of great architecture and a place sure to bring you plenty of entertainment if you know where to find it. Let us elaborate on the reasons.

The Lifestyle
Bermondsey has a double life going on for itself. On the one hand, you have the overpopulated streets and busy life in some parts. On the other hand, you have the much more tranquil and peaceful – and a lot less in number – streets and estates where you can spend much more quiet hours of day. It does sound like it does not have a golden middle, yes. That’s because it doesn’t. Bermondsey is kind of a place of extreme ends and you have to pick yours. This means cutting out compromises and deciding what you want to be – a reclusive peace-lover, or a social animal. It is much more of an urban environment, so you will more likely to love it if you are the latter.

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The Cost of Living
Bermondsey is among the better-priced regions of London. You will hardly be able to find better offers for rental properties and restaurant dishes in the rest of the capital. Sure, the urban environment and busy lifestyle kind of takes the fun out of it, but a cheap flat is a cheap flat. Prices in London have risen for the past few months, but Bermondsey inhabitants have probably not noticed that as they like the steady lifestyle. And you pay for the pleasure of living in excellent 18th century Victorian-style buildings to have a bit of taste from the old school.

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Shops and Restaurants
Bermondsey has a lot going for itself in terms of places to go. French seafood cuisine, or Spanish food prepared by a critically-acclaimed chef, or even Michelin Star-worthy food, it has all the best places to dine in and enjoy brilliant food. Restaurant Story will quickly become one of your favourite places in the area because of its innovative and imaginative offers.

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And when you want to walk off the food, then you have plenty of stores and shops to visit. The B Street Deli is the best place to get your groceries, and you have a great boutique in Amanda Thompson. The Bottle Shop provides a great variety of beers, as well as a second-floor pub to taste them – yes, even the alcohol make the relocation to here a sensible choice.

Things to Do
Bermondsey has no time for boredom. With all the urban rush, people are not only going to work and back. You also have people going to the Maltby Street Market to see the freshest of produce and even already prepared foods. If you prefer to look and not touch, then the London Design Museum is the place to go and the thing to enjoy. And if you want a souvenir from all this, then the Antiques Market is a perfect place where you can find antiques from all over London, from jewellery to furniture.

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All this, combined with great options for education if you want good schools for your kids, as well as the small things, like the occasional local ‘around the corner’ diner and bakery, then Bermondsey is an amazing place for you and your family. Make your preparations with your removal company and direct the moving van to Bermondsey – no disappointments are to be expected.