10 Unexpected Things That Happen When You Relocate to London

relocation to London

A relocation to London will definitely change your life, and it will change it in ways that you never expected. If you think about it, the parts of your life that you really care for all consist of the small things that you barely notice. The amount of enjoyment you get from your day is that of the few minutes spent over a coffee cup, a few pages of interesting text to read, a few laughs you have from an inside joke, the small sarcastic quips you are able to make in the face of dullness, and so on. Whatever your sources of enjoyment are, after moving house to London, you will realise that they can, and will, change. Here are ten changes that you will definitely experience the very first day after your moving company drops you off there.

1. McDonalds will become the most appealing place in the world.
Before you get accustomed to cooking in your own kitchen and learn about saving money with home-made meals, fast food will be your best friend. And McDonalds will be the best place to sit and eat huge meals while reading or checking Facebook.

2. Free time will be a luxury.
Hope you enjoyed your free time, because life in the big city is busy just like you will be the very second you start your job. Watching a movie will become a dream, and not a late-night opportunity as you will be too knackered to stay awake even for the opening credits.

free time is luxury

3. Late nights will become ever so distant.
During the week you will always go to bed thinking how you will sleep now, but watch a late night movie, or read a book tomorrow. And the very thought that you will have to get up in early morning will knock you out, cold.

4. You will become ruthless when it comes to seats in public transport.
In the first few days you might feel charitable and vigorous enough to withstand any trip, but after a few days of coming back from work you will learn that there are many people in the bus to get up for pregnant women and old people.


5. No more attractions.
Remember that time when you travelled to London and visited the Natural History Museum and then the Science Museum? Well, good luck passing through all the tourists when you actually live there.

6. Trips to Tesco will become gym sessions.
You have a few slices of bread for dinner, so you can buy the groceries tomorrow, right? After a few days on that thought, you will eventually find yourself surrounded by an empty fridge and kitchen cabinets. A trip to Tesco will take care of everything, including the need to go to a gym because of all the lifting you will be doing after neglecting the shopping for a whole week.

London attractions

7. You will learn to hate slow-pacing people.
“Can’t people see that you are in a hurry? What is wrong with pedestrians, don’t they want to get to wherever they are going?” Those thoughts will be only the beginning.

8. You will want to go to the country.
The country will seem so peaceful after a few days in the busy city. A relocation to there will be like a dream, and you will occasionally venture in thinking what you moving checklist should entail for a potential trip to there.

move to the country

9. You will never go to the country.
Who has time for another relocation? You are busy.

10. Drinking will not be a reason to be judged. Everybody does it.
Good luck finding a straight edge person in London. Visit any pub to see most of the local population there, all sharing a drink and having a relaxing conversation to forget about their laborious day, their obstreperous kids, their squabbles with their spouse, and all the rest of the things they earned during the day.

London pubs

Life giveth, and life taketh away. So take whatever surprise London gives you and make the best of it. Don’t let anything negative stray you from your desire to call the moving company to get yourself over to London, even when there is hardship, you will eventually find your pace and enjoy the remainder of your stay there.