5 Costly Mistakes to Avoid When Packing Your Home

packing mistakes

Packing, among very few others, is considered to be the most time-consuming house moving task. Moving all of your belongings from one home to another is no small project and it should be taken very seriously.

With all of the stress involved in moving, it is no surprise that often times people underestimate the difficulty of such projects and make some mistakes, which cost them further effort, time and in some cases even money. If you don’t want to fall in this trap and experience such difficulties, read on for a list of 5 costly mistakes to avoid during packing:

do not pack on your own

1. Attempting the task on your own - unless you have absolutely no other choice, you should never pack on your own. That is a troublesome project, which can leave you drained of energy in no time. It would be far too overwhelming to complete everything on your own, especially if you have a lot of stuff to pack. That is why you should recruit all the help you can get for the packing. Contact close friends and relatives and see what can be arranged. See to it that you get help especially for heavy furniture and appliances, as moving those on your own is near impossible.

sufficient packing supplies

2. Not having enough packing supplies - this mistake is common with first time movers, who cannot properly estimate the volume of belongings they are going to move. What you should do is try to objectively envision your items in boxes and determine how many of them you will need. Then acquire some extra, just in case. It is always better to have some reserves than to find out you have no more removal boxes in the middle of the packing process. There is a possible way out in that as the man and van team you have hired to move you should be able to supply you with some boxes, but mostly rely on yourself, just to be safe.

last minute packing

3. Leaving all of the packing for the last moment - that is a huge mistake you should never make. You may be feeling calm that packing all of your belongings will actually be a breeze, but that is hardly the case. Later is never a good idea, because it will put a lot of stress on you once you realise just how tough it is to handle all of the packing in a short timeframe. Start weeks in advance before the date of the man with van arrival and gradually work to pack a small part of your belongings every day so that you have time to address all of the fine details and see to it the job is done right.

packing services

4. Not packing properly - there are certain guidelines you should follow when it comes to packing. For example, fragile items require special care and additional packing supplies - paper, bubble wrap, ‘fragile’ signed tape, etc. Make sure said items are packed tightly with the protection of the above-listed materials so that they don’t wobble inside during transportation. Furniture should be disassembled, as that not only makes it easier to move, but is the safest way to transport it.

label removal boxes

5. Not labelling your boxes properly - if you only have boxes of the same kind, there is absolutely nothing to suggest as to what their contents are. That will leave you startled once the man with a van unloads everything and leaves it at your new home. It will take you forever to sort through this cardboard chaos. All because of not labelling the boxes before that. Make sure you buy a black marker and label each side of every box just to be sure you can easily check out what is in there, without actually having to look inside.

All of these mistakes can be easily avoided if you plan your home removal carefully and you develop the right strategy. Only then can you hope to complete the job right.