29Jul 2015

The Guide To Find The Best Man With A Van In Chiswick

man with van hire

If you’re looking to save money on moving house to Chiswick by hiring a man and van service, you should know that it’s quite a competitive market, and you’ll probably feel spoiled for choice when initially searching for one in your area. In all likelihood, you don’t have to worry about hiring removal services very often, so you may feel a bit lost when it comes to identifying a good service. This private individual is going to be in charge of almost everything you own over the course of you moving house, so it’s important to know what to look for in any man and van service you consider.

beware of hidden costs

The first thing to remember is to keep an eye out for hidden costs. Moving house to W4 carries all kinds of factors that need considering, and in the feverishness of it all many people neglect to check for hidden costs that may come with a man with a van removal service. Ask your mover directly if the quote they’ve given you is fixed or if there are additional costs which will be added on once the move is complete, such as waiting time and petrol costs. You should also try to find out how your final invoice is calculated, and whether a man with van charges by the hour, job or day. Everything rarely goes according to plan during a big move to Chiswick, so firms that charge by the hour should be avoided in case of any unexpected delays. Check if the service offers a pre-move survey as well, where your man with van will come to your house to view and make notes on all the items you wish to take. This part of a man and van service is a sure sign of professionalism, and will probably make the moving day run much smoother than a service without a survey. 

moving equipment

The next item on your list should be checking out the equipment the man with a van service in W4 uses. Professional movers use specialist equipment and protective covers to make sure your property isn’t damaged during the course of the move. Be warned though, as this is one of the classic features man and van services use to hide extra fees. You should find out whether the company supplies packing boxes, or whether you’ll need to acquire your own. Don’t assume a man and a van will supply these materials, and let other factors of the move distract you until it’s too late. Many built-up urban areas require parking permits for any vehicle to park for an extended amount of time. If it looks like you’ll have to organise these permits for your man with a van yourself, take it as a sign to find another guy for the job. Most independent removal services should have the necessary contacts to acquire parking permits as and when jobs require it.

removal company reputation

As you browse, take some time in the smaller tabs of the company’s website to determine as much as you can about the company. Your priority here should be finding out what level of moving insurance your man and a van in Chiswick, W4 has, which hopefully will mean a little more off your mind. Most home insurance policies cover accidental damage or loss, but only if you are using a professional company. Finally, like with any product or service, you should scour other places on the web for impartial customer reviews. Your service may have the sharpest uniforms and most well-designed website, but reviews on sites like yelp and removal forums can be very enlightening.

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