How to Make Packing Boxes Slightly more Amusing

make packing amusing

It really doesn’t get duller than packing boxes, and we won’t lie, there are no secrets in this article which will unleash a magic power so that it’s done in a matter of minutes. Instead, we’ve thought of a few tips and tricks which will hopefully pass what seems like a never-ending task and make packing a lot less of a chore.

get kids to help

Rope in the kids

If it’s the whole family that’s moving, it’s the whole family that should be packing. Get the kids involved and give them a few simple tasks which means they’ll be out from under your feet and makes packing boxes less stressful. Give them a suitcase to fill with their clothes, or let them pack their own books. Older children could be in charge of easily packed items such as DVDs, CDs and books. Not only will it get the job done faster, a few fun and games and light hearted conversation soon makes light work of packing boxes, if not the thrilling conversation, watching young kids pack will soon have you in stitches.

removal boxes

Decorate your boxes

Especially useful for enticing the kids to help out and a great motivation to actually get round to packing boxes in time for the move; get arty, crafty and decorate your box. Having a bit of fun around organising and sorting stuff makes it far more interesting, plus well decorated boxes makes it easy to find and organise things once you’re unpacking in your new home.

packing games

Packing games

How many books can you fit in a box? How fast can you wrap and pack a glass? These might sound like, and probably are, ridiculously childish games, but hey, why not? The first time you move, packing and organising boxes is all part of the excitement, however, once you hit the second or third time of moving, it’s definitely a tedious, stressful and easily avoided part of the process. Silly games and competitions will help liven it up and will leave you with a nice, empty home in no time at all.

packing services

Have someone else do it

That would be a dream, wouldn’t it? Well, it’s not all that far-fetched! Ask a teenage relative or friend of the family if they fancy some pocket money to give you a hand, or, you could even post a notice on a local website or community centre, you’ll be amazed at who will be glad of a few extra quid. You’ll have to be at hand to keep watch and you’ll probably have to leave detailed instructions on what goes where, but for those desperate for help, it is well worth looking into.

packing moving boxes

A packing party

For those who are moving alone, a packing party is a heap of fun, especially for packing those last minute things such as photos, ornaments and accessories. Invite some friends, choose some CDs, offer snacks and drinks and enjoy a good catch-up. It might not seem like the social highlight of the year, but we’re sure your friends would love to help, and a few drinks and a party atmosphere are sure to help them get into the packing spirit.

treat yourself

Treat yourself

For those particularly struggling to keep up the motivation, try to fit it around your daily routine and treat yourself for all that hard work. Try to wrap or pack a few things once you come home from work and before you get settled in front of the TV. Make sure you pack at least one box before a night out on the tiles. Bought yourself a chocolate bar for a Friday night in? Get packing boxes before you even think to open the wrapper! That way, such a tedious task won’t take up too much of your free time.