With Us Your Items Will Be Safer than Ever

Storage UKThere are tons of stuff you can store in the Storage Units of Removals House and many reasons to do so. The most common one of them all will probably be because you want to put some old or unneeded belongings of yours away from your home where you’ll make more space for the ones you are fond of and that match perfectly the interior of your rooms. To be honest, it’s really pointless to keep items in your house and to clutter it more and more each day. We know that for some people the task to part with so many memories incarnated in one single item that has been used for years but is morally so old that it long ago lost its appearance. Such belongings also have a reserved seat in our units, and you wouldn’t believe how many people resort to this solution when in some point their house happens to become too small to fit old and new possessions at once. Unless you find a way not to buy so much stuff or to get rid of some of it periodically, you risk your premises to resemble a badly organized store-house where one item is piled over another in no particular order and where finding something turns into an impossible mission.

The right answer to all these problems was revealed in the very first sentence. Our Storage Service works in such a way that the belongings in question have to be brought to our facility where you’ll get a key to your unit and access to it whenever you want. If you lack a vehicle with the appropriate size, you can avail of hiring one of our vans for this purpose. For your convenience the procedure is not too complicated but rather simple.

There are cases when people decide to renovate their houses from the inside and the colour of the walls they choose doesn’t match the old furniture, and it feels like it doesn’t belong there anymore. On the other hand, you may simply want to change the couch because it doesn’t appeal to you the way it used to when it was brand new several years ago. Some pieces of furniture are too huge and bulky to be left in the corner without being noticed. This is when Removals House  intervenes again to offer its Storage Units and to save the day. Even if you intend to sell your old furniture, it’s not sure that you’ll find a buyer soon enough, so you can still entrust them to our safe keeping until you have the chance to sell them.

Storage SolutionsBoxes of documents are also welcome. If you are a company and you have many archive boxes with files from a few years back, we have to assure you that they will remain undamaged by moisture and other weather conditions. Nothing will be lost or blown by the wind out of carelessness. We feel obligated to inform you that we can’t take items like jewelry, pets, plants, or flammable dangerous materials like bottles of gas, boxes of paint, etc. The period of storing your stuff is unspecified – you can keep your possessions in our units for a period of time that answers your preferences.

If you’re changing houses but you have to leave your previous home before being allowed to move in the next one, storing your belongings with us is exactly for you. If you are a university student that goes away for the summer and you can’t leave your stuff in the place you’ve been living, you can again take advantage of our Storage Solutions.

Make the call on 020 8746 4357, and let the storing begin!