4 Compromises You Need to Make When Moving In Together

moving in with your partner

Moving house is hard enough, but when you are moving in with someone, this is where the real complications begin – and they begin long before the removal company is actually in the mix. When you are in a relationships, there are some choices to be made, some sacrifices to gone through – otherwise known as the compromises. When you move in with someone for the first time, you will immediately discover that the two of you combined have more belongings than you will need, especially if you are moving in a small flat. So when the arguments start, when you have to choose whether to keep his or her plates set, you do not need to come down to a screaming match. Compromises have nothing to do with fighting. All that it’s required is to keep in mind the following:

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1. Practical over Aesthetic

Yes, you have wonderful sheets and yes, they do look great with your pyjamas. But do you know who also has pyjamas and sheets that, despite looking a bit blander, look durable and might stick around for a year or two more than yours? Your partner. Same thing applies for your toaster, your coffee machine, and even your TV set. However pretty, classy, up to date, fashionable and so on your items are, if the other person’s items are more practical, choose that. If you are moving in, then you want a long-term relationship. And if you want a long-term relationship, you want durability and long-lasting belongings, because you will have enough other things to buy in the days, months, and years to come. Think of this compromise as an investment. If it doesn’t work out – well, your own things don’t have to go to the landfill, your man and van can simply take it to your parents’ house for safe keeping.

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2. Longevity over Frailty

Apart from being more tough and durable, some items are also are less susceptible to wear and tear. This can be mostly applied to furniture. If you have a favourite sofa, don’t immediately organise a man with van to move it to your partner’s place. Discuss first. See which furniture pieces will fit the flat or house best. Knowledge in interior design helps, of course, but just as the first part, don’t think aesthetics, think practicality.

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3. Reusable over Single Use

Other compromises to be made will include your future shopping lists. Sometimes you have to leave parts of your lifestyle behind as you move. Maybe you are used to buying single use wipes and throwing them away after wiping a slightly damp spot on the table. But we again come back to the practicality – you want something to last. Think about tomorrow and whether you want to go to the store for a kitchen roll again. Imagine how much better a microfiber cloth or any durable and washable cloth would have been in that case.

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4. Future over Past

Sentimentality is cute, but there are some memories that just don’t belong in your new relationship. Memories such as gifts received during past relationships. Do you really want to bring all those memories along and fill the spaces of your new home with them instead of letting the past stay in the past and focusing on the future? And imagine how your partner would feel about this as well. Forget about sentimental things, as in some cases they also only become future clutter, which will only get in your way – sometimes emotionally, sometimes physically.

Make the right compromises – make the ones that will count in your new life with your partner. And then start making the moving checklist and organising the man with van so that you can start that life as soon as possible. No arguments needed, do it Austen style, with the proper dose of sense and sensibility.