5 Things Movers Refuse to Transport

house movers

Hiring a moving company to help you with the house relocation can be really good for you as it can save you lots of headaches. Professional house movers can take all of your moving boxes and transport them to your new home. They will deal with the loading and transportation of your personal items from point A to point B in the most efficient way. However, before packing your stuff you need to contact the company and ask them about their list of non-allowable items that they refuse to transport. Here are 5 kinds of items that most of the removal firms refuse to load on their vans because they might end up causing some serious issues.

1.    Hazardous materials

It is obvious that hazardous materials can be rather dangerous not only for your possessions but also for your health. These materials are flammable and may even be explosive which may be very dangerous for the vehicle, the movers, the clients and the general public.

hazardous materials

2.    Perishable food

Transporting perishable food is also something that moving firms try to avoid. The food can start smelling really bad especially when it is transported in a very hot removal van. This awful smell can permeate your clothes and furniture. The food can also attract all kinds of pests, rats and bugs.

moving perishables

3.    Valuables and important documents

Most removal companies also refuse to transport extremely valuable items and important documents as they want to limit their liability in case of some damage or even loss of such items. As a customer, you might also prefer to keep all of your valuable possessions and documents with you so that you can protect them better.

transporting valuables

4.    Plants

There are lots of companies that refuse to transport plants. The reason is simple. The conditions in the moving van are not suitable for your plants. Moreover, the team that is responsible for your move is not supposed to know how to take care of plants. Don’t forget that there are going to be lots of heavy boxes that might damage your favourite house plants during the transportation to your new address.

moving plants

5.    Pets

The conditions in the van are also not suitable for pets. That is why animals are also included in the list of the most common non-allowable things. You need to arrange the transportation of your loved pet separately. Animals need special care and it is better to take them in the car with you.

relocation with pets

These are some of the most common things professional removal companies refuse to transport. If you want to be sure about what kinds of items your company doesn’t accept, contact them as soon as possible so that you will know how to organise your packing more effectively. Don’t risk damaging your possessions by loading harmful materials on the removal van. Keep your important documents in a safe place so that there is no chance of accidental damage or loss. Take special care of your plants and pets and organise their moving carefully.