Removals in London: What You Need to Know before You Hire a Company

moving in London

Many people across the capital often carry out house removals at some point in their life and often wonder about the most important things that they need to know before they move. Whilst we may all have our experiences and opinions on what we are required to have before we move, here is a short moving checklist on what you need to have prepared, before you look to source out a company to hire it for your (second) big day!

moving boxes

1) Firstly, you need to know what you will be taking with you. A lot of people when they plan a house move make a mistake of only counting the “big” things that they can see. Things like their beds, their sofas, cabinets, chairs and the TV and yet forget all the little things like the lamps and other bathroom and kitchen belongings which make a convenient surprise, once the removals company team actually gets there. Making a full list on what you actually own (and are even leaving behind), will tremendously help you in the long run.

removals budget

2) Find out what your budget is. There is absolutely nothing worse than being out of your budget once you have already booked and confirmed with one company and trying desperately to find a way out of the mess you have created for yourself. If your budget is £700, make sure that the company is quoting you an all-inclusive quote of VAT and not an add on. Once you have nailed down your budget, it is much simpler to actually approach a London removals company, knowing full well that you can go ahead and plan your move with ease.

house movers

3) What are their principles? Ask for personal recommendations when it comes to removal companies as there can be many out there who claim to walk the walk, however few talk the talk. Make sure that they live up to what they say they can deliver including their efficiency, punctuality, reliability, friendliness and speed. A good company will always aim to exceed to deliver their service much higher than their client’s expectations.

removal van

4) Is their vehicle insured? Can you even trust these people to handle your goods with care, honour and integrity? It is surprising at how many people will naively book a company without finding out anything about their drivers or their vehicles? If something goes wrong with your items, (here’s to hoping it doesn’t!), at least the company can recompensate you and everything works out fine. Also find out not only the vehicle but the drivers also must be insured and licenced for long distance journeys even driving out of London.

moving company

5) Is the removal company easily reachable? With moves that can happen across the country, it is imperative that you are able to phone into the office and get a fast response as well as email them. Some rogue companies can have dead phone lines and non-existent server emails to avoid people whom they have swindled, so always figure that part out.

moving house

6)  Finally, the most important thing is to simply follow your gut instinct when it comes to the removals company. If something doesn’t feel or look right to you, it often isn’t. Remember if it quacks like a duck, walks like a duck, It IS indeed a duck.