International Removals: Packing Tips for Relocating

international removals

When moving house to another country, you need to take several aspects into consideration. Firstly, you’ll need to begin planning and packing more in advance than you would with a regular move. Secondly, you’ll have to make sure all of your items are adequately secured and protected. You’ll also need to make sure your items are covered in case of damage or loss. Here’s how to make each part of packing for an international move simpler and, hopefully, easier for you.

packing in advance

Pack in advance

Packing in advance is always sensible. However, with an intentional move, you’ll need to be that bit quicker on the uptake because more cogs need to be set in motion in order for the move to go ahead. You’re not just moving a few miles, or even a few hundred miles, you could be moving thousands. Moving overseas is considerably more complicated than just moving on dry land as alternative transport needs to be found for your belongings while at sea, and then further transport upon arrival in the new country. Therefore, the sooner you pack, the better.

moving checklist

Firstly, make a moving checklist, which details the different stages of packing. It’s unrealistic to expect you and your family to just pack up your whole life in one day; we have busy lives, jobs and school to focus on. Therefore, packing in stages is far more sensible and doable. For example, packing items which you hardly use first is a good place to start. Leave everyday items until last and keep emergency items to one side to bring with you when you travel.

safe moving boxes

Safe and secure

Your belongings will have a significantly longer and potentially rougher journey with an international move rather than a domestic one. Not only will they need to travel by road, but also either by sea or air. Although air can be smoother, it can also be harder to arrange, due to planes being affected by adverse weather conditions, and more expensive. On the other hand, choppy seas can make the journey seemingly more perilous and although your chosen international removal service will do their upmost to ensure the safety of your items, it’s still crucial that you package and wrap them properly.

bubble wrap

Wrap delicate items in bubble wrap and pack either newspaper, towels or other soft items in between to make sure they don’t move and rattle around, potentially causing damage. Clearly label the boxes of your items so the movers know the heavier boxes from the light and can position and stack them accordingly. Label anything fragile, as well as the correct way up to carry the boxes.

international moving services

International removal service

When using a specific international removal company, you’re working with experts who are experienced in relocation. Many include a packing service or can provide detailed advice when it comes to packing for moving house. Ask them for any tips they may have, as some companies may have a preferred method. They will also be able to organise your belongings’ transport the other end of the journey, whether by sea or by air, and will make sure your items arrive safely at their destination.

insurance policy

In addition, they will often include the insurance of your items in transit as part of the deal. Check that they do and if they don’t automatically, ask if you can purchase it. This will mean you’re covered in case of accidental loss or damage to your items and can therefore either carry out the appropriate repairs or purchase new, replaced items.