26Jun 2015

Clever Tips For Moving On A Budget in Croydon

moving on a budget

Moving in Croydon can be stressful, especially if you don’t have someone to help you with the task. There are many students who are lucky enough to be staying close to the University they plan to attend but that is not the case with everybody. More often than not, students have to move to different regions of the country where their University is based. Students are usually on a tight budget owing to the money spent on other things like college fees and essential study supplies. Add to that the cost of removals, and the stress shoots sky high. Here’s how students can manage the removal in a given frame of budget.

Prepare a Checklist: This step will not only help you in organizing a smooth move in Croydon, CR0, but will also give you that feeling of satisfaction to cross off all the completed tasks. A checklist also ensures that you don’t forget any of the goods during the removal. Once your checklist is ready, you can proceed with the packing process.

moving checklist

Packing: No one values your things more than you yourself. So, if you are packing up the goods all by yourself, you will have to gather all the necessary supplies like cardboard boxes, markers, tapes, bubble wrap, some old clothes and foam. Packing all the items into boxes and labelling them would make it easier to place them in the self storage or your house. Fragile items should preferably be wrapped in a cloth or placed in foam or bubble wrap to prevent any possible damage while being transported to your destination. Labelling the boxes containing these fragile items such as crockery with ‘Handle with Care’ will help the movers distinguish between the breakables and non-breakables.

packing supplies

Moving Companies: There are a few relocation companies in London that offer cheap removals options especially for students. These companies keep in mind that students move in CR2 a lot so that they can juggle better between their part time job and college. Most removal companies offer student discounts and special flexibility to their young student clients. Before hiring a relocation company, you should ask around for reviews and decide on the best moving company to handle your possessions. Also, these movers are at your beck and call whenever you want them, especially if you are a student. You can always go for just a man and van if you are running on a tight budget.

cheap removals

Friends and Family: Packing alone can sometimes get too hectic and boring and this is where your near and dear ones can help you out. Once you have decided to move in Croydon, you can start packing with the help of a few friends and family. They always have great advice to offer and will prove to be quite helpful. If you are planning on loading and unloading things on your own and have decided to use your own vehicle, then make sure to place all the important documents and items to be used on priority in a separate box. Also, declutter your old space and dispose the things that you would no longer need. This will reduce the number of goods you have to carry and will also help you manage the costs judiciously.

cheap removal services

Starting a new life at a new place can be quite overwhelming and last minute issues would only alleviate the stress. That is why removals in the CR0 area that are carried out on student budgets should be planned well in advance. If you think you need help with your move, then it is best to place your trust on a reliable removal company in London. A stress-free move will help you settle down more comfortably.

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