01Oct 2015

Tips For Buying A Home That Will Appreciate in Value

house hunting tips

When you are in the process of looking for a house to buy, you will get a multitude of options. This is where you get to be very picky, especially if you are looking for a place to settle in. You want the house of your dreams, or at least one that has the potential to become such, a place for yourself and your partner to spend the time of your life and then some. A place which you can proudly leave as a heritage and have your children fight over it because of the values it holds. Or, if it comes to harder times, then just a place with a huge value which you can sell and win from that trade to repair all the moving house bills that will accumulate.

But how do you go about finding such a place? There is no trick to it, the simplest answer you can receive to that question is: search. Search far, search wide, search everywhere. If you want a more complicated answer which you can contemplate during the peaceful hours not spent over ads and offers, here are some suggestions.

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Balance Wants and Needs
When you are looking where to live, you need to know what you want and know what you need, and find a compromise. You should never sacrifice the whole of one for the whole of the other. For instance, you should not sacrifice the convenience of being around shops and markets or anywhere near the high street of a city where you are close to everywhere, for moving house in the outskirts of the city because you want to be near to a playing field. By finding that balance you also raise the value of the house for future selling, since such a balance is often sought by buyers and nobody in their right mind would calmly pass a well-located house for their own relocation.

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Find the Right Lifestyle
More commonly than not, houses are located around other houses, and this is what you call a neighbourhood. This is another thing you need to have in mind as a neighbourhood generally dictates the lifestyle experience to be had at a certain location. Thus, you need to pick a lifestyle that will appeal to you and your family and one that will accommodate your social needs. You need to know whether you will be able to establish a community at a certain location and whether you want to. You want to avoid noisy, loud, and annoying neighbours who can’t help but to stick their noses where they don’t belong, and you want to stay away from the troublesome teen neighbourhoods and student communities. Such a place will be perfect to both live in and lure future buyers with.

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Avoid Artificial Value Increasers
Many home owners make renovations to their houses just to supposedly increase their houses value, or just to trick buyers into paying more money. They add a useless third storey to their house, or a garden swimming pool that nobody has ever used, or a variety of sculptures or house decorations that are supposed to mean something to anybody beside themselves. Not only are such additions useless, but sometimes they can be dangerous to the residents, like a poorly attached hanging statue, or an unstable extension to the house that is supposed to be a garage. A good real estate agent should be able to recognise such poor attempts at drawing in big spenders, but, just in case, you should learn to be able to recognise them yourself.

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With these things in mind you can start your search for the perfect property to live or invest in. Start making the moving checklist and finding a proper moving company to get you there and your relocation can begin.

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