16Jul 2015

Ways To Reduce The Stress Of Moving Home To Finchley

moving stress

Moving home to Finchley can easily lead to stress and anxiety, sometimes just the idea of everything you have to get done can set things off. Whether you are dealing with a big move involving large items or just small removals then it can all add up to having an effect on the way you feel. It’s important to eliminate stress and try to enjoy yourself, although it might not seem realistic, a relocation is actually possible to get through without spending too much time worrying about it.

• Plan ahead. Leaving plenty of time and making plans may seem obvious, but it really is the cause of most stress. It’s so important not to leave anything until the last minute so make sure you begin planning the moment your move to Finchley, N2 has been decided. Create a moving checklist of all the things you need to do so that you can keep in mind what you have ticked off and what needs to be done still. Talk to removal companies well in advance and make sure you book ahead to ensure they will have availability.

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• Take breaks from packing and moving. Don’t overload yourself with heavy tasks all in one go. Make sure you take a few hours out of your day at a time to get organised before taking a rest, relaxing or getting back to work. It’s a good idea to take an exercise class in between, a gentle yoga class or a swim. This will also be good for the muscles if you are doing a lot of heavy lifting.

take breaks

• Be realistic about what you can manage. If you have furniture removals then make sure you look into hiring a removal van in N3 or getting in professionals to help you. Trying to lift things that are heavy on your own will only cause damage and it’s not worth the risk. If you can ask someone to help you with anything that might be too heavy for you, then this will be a great help. Watch overloading any boxes that you might have to lift on your own. Spread the weight evenly and look into safe ways to lift in order to avoid injury.

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• Get friends or family to help. Having people you know around you is always a great way to deal with stress. Friends will help you take your mind off things and can also offer a helping hand and some good advice. Even if they can’t be around on your moving day to help you, then make sure you find plenty of time in between to hang out with them so you can unwind.

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• Spend time in your new place. We often forget the reason why we are moving when getting caught up in the drama of it all. If you have keys to your new home in Finchley or perhaps can arrange another viewing, try to spend some time there. Take pictures and plan what you want to do with the place to make it your own. Often excitement will take over any feelings of concern you might have and you will be able to enjoy the moving process a lot more.

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You can easily change your take on things by just changing your frame of mind and seeing moving to N12 in a different light, a clear out, new start and something you can really enjoy. As long as you respect your limits and take your time then there is no need for you to panic. Just get organised and think about having all your friends over when you are finally in.

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