12May 2015

Tips To Help You Organize Packing When Moving To Kingston

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If you are thinking of moving into a new home in Kingston, the first thing you would want to do is obviously packing You will need to pack not just the clothes, shoes, but also the gadgets and furniture. House removals require a kind of packing which is quite different to packing for a mere holiday.

There are a number of options available nowadays to help you out in house removals in London. If money is not an issue for you, you can easily hire removal services and get the advantage of getting your items packed and moved into your new house in the KT1 district.

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Another option would be to hire a man and van. Man and van hire usually provides you with a driver cum helping hand to pack your stuff, load it into the van and transport it to your new house. This is the best option for those performing small removals to Kingston, KT2which hardly require the professional help of removal companies.

But, if you are saving for a rainy day and do not want to over spend while packing and moving, then you could just make use of a removal van. Just hire a van and get started to pack your stuff on your own.

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Here are a few essential tips to give you an insight into how to have an organized packing.

1. Self-Packing – If you choose to pack your stuff on your own, you may need to hone your DIY skills.
•    Purchase ample amount of cardboard boxes, duct tape and bubble wrap.
•    Also, buy some colourful stickers to tag various boxes.
•    Don’t mix items from different rooms in one box.
•    Label each box with a sticker and write down the contents inside. (E.g. linens, toys, books, bathroom essentials etc.)
•    Pack heavy items in small boxes so that they are easy to carry.
•    Pack your china, crockpots and delicate show pieces with care.
•    Dishes should be placed vertically, not horizontally.

packing boxes•    Food items should be packed separately.
•    Make sure the caps and lids of bottles and jars are tightened properly. And that zip pouches are sealed thoroughly to avoid the risk of spillage during the house removal.
•    Always make sure to not to leave any empty space in a box. If the things move inside freely, while they are being carried, they can get damaged.
•    Lining the boxes with old clothes from inside is a great improvisation for anyone looking for cheap removals.
•    Old clothes can also provide soft padding to fragile items.
•    If you are constantly moving and shifting once or twice a year, it is better that you invest in some good plastic boxes. They are resistant to damage and will also last longer.

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2. Discard obsolete stuff – Moving into a new home in the KT1 region means new beginnings. Therefore, leave all the items which you don’t use at all behind. You can donate old clothes or your kids’ old toys. This would help you to de-clutter your home in Kingston. Also, if you have some perishable food you know you may not have the time to consume quickly, give it to the homeless on your way to your new home.

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3. Closet packing: Always make separate boxes for your clothes. The best option for packing your clothes is to use special cardboard boxes for your wardrobe. These vertical boxes have an inbuilt rod where you can hang your clothes just the way you would do in your closet. THAT will ensure that your clothes don’t get wrinkled or spoilt while moving. Wardrobe boxes are also available in plastic.

Enjoy packing and happy moving!

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