30Apr 2015

Ways to Get Your Students Moving To Camden

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To move or not to move? That's the question that most first year students in Camden consider with the term on the horizon. There are plenty of reasons to take this step, because moving into student accommodation is a good way to gain living experience, and to obtain a little extra independence as well. By taking on this removal opportunity, you'll also have access to more privacy, and as a result of this you'll be able to manage your studying and leisure time yourself. Living by the beat of your own drum is great – you'll be living the student and city life in equal measure. So, how should you approach a N1 based student removal? Well, the first step is simple; figure out which type of accommodation is best suited for you.

The accommodation office will have information on the kinds of student housing they have and they tend to be of three different types:

- University Halls of Residence
- Student Flats
- Private Housing

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Figuring out which type of housing is for you is the first removal step. If you're going to be moving house, you'll want to know what you're getting into...

Halls of Residence and Student Flats tend to be quite similar. You'll be living in a small student community with shared facilities. The main difference between the two is that the Student Flats tend to be smaller communities with more privacy, but with a longer journey time to your lecture halls. Private housing on the other hand is far closer to a conventional house or flat. You'll basically be renting a living space with your friends, with more bills, but more independence.

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The Student Flats or the University Halls are far easier to get accustomed to. There are less bills to worry about, and living in close proximity to other like minded students allows you to be more social. For higher years however, the proper NW1 based house removal under the guise of a student removal might be more to your liking.

Once you've sorted out which type of student housing you want, the next step is sort out the move itself. A student move is a small removal, so it should be a cheap removal. The packing and transport shouldn't be difficult, but you should definitely exercise the same level of caution that you would on a regular move. Fragile objects should be properly bubble wrapped, and the moving boxes should be proper ones.

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Self storage is another thing that budding student movers should consider. It's useful to keep items that you'll only need at University when you're visiting home. It's a good idea, and inexpensive too because you'll only need a small storage unit to keep your files and books in. Local to Camden removals and storage services are always accessible, whatever your storage needs are.

A student move is a large commitment, whether you're keeping it local to the WC1, or moving cross country to a University in another county. But it's worth it for the independence and for the experiences. Student life is full of hard work and studying, but it's also about being yourself and meeting other students. It's a wide world out there, and a student move gives you a taste of it.

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